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Grow Your Small Business By Adding and Empowering Employees

'Designing Strategies' eNewsletter Volume 14                     Issue 75   If a typical day at your small business involves staff waiting for you to come into the office so they can get your approval of progress on a project, it's not a good thing. If employees are standing in line to get access to you to answer questions, that's not good either. Odds are your firm is in Stagnant Stalemate mode. Your firm is not growing. It is not expanding. Staff can't accomplish anything because you have a death grip on control over every little minute detail of operations. Give it up! You have become the bottleneck blocking our firm’s progress. It's time to give up some [...]

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Small Business Growth: 5 Important Stages

'Designing Strategies' Newsletter July - Aug 2016                      Volume 13 -- Issue 72 Do you ever think about the stage, or phase, your small business enterprise is in, or has passed through? We are all aware of when our family members and friends birthdays are. We celebrate anniversaries, graduations and other of life's watershed moments. We celebrate in a big way with parties, gifts and major events to celebrate these great moments as we move through different stages of our lives. Small business growth stages aren't much different. It seems that our small businesses, into which we have poured our hearts, souls, time, energy and money, deserve at least the same milestone recognition. After all, it [...]

Sustainable Small Business Growth in 2016 – 7 ‘Must-Haves’

'Designing Strategies' Newsletter January - February, 2016                      Volume 13 -- Issue 69 In order for your small business to be wildly… or mildly… successful, it is important to grow the company. A company that grows at a steady pace increases its chance of success. For some small businesses, growth will be successful. For other small businesses, their growth plan may be a complete failure. You might ask: “Why shouldn’t all companies on a growth path be successful?” That does seem logical, doesn’t it? However, without well developed planning and attention to details, you cannot assume that your, or any other company, can achieve sustainable small business growth. It seems that if a company is growing [...]

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Important Best Practices for Small Business Success

'Designing Strategies' Newsletter May - June 2015                     Volume 12 -- Issue 65   9 Important Best Practices for Small Business Success We have been in and out, then in and out again, of an economic recession that just doesn’t seem to want to give up. When you think about it, that is exactly how the economy works – it has ups and downs over and over again throughout the life of every small business. That’s just the way it is. Company leaders who decide to operate all the time in ways that will keep them prepared for the good economy and the bad, have a much better chance at success.  Keeping up with the best [...]

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Embrace Opportunities for Change to Grow Your Company

Did you ever think about just using change to grow and move your business forward or to a new level? There is no doubt that businesses have faced a lot of change over the past several years. There is no way that all of the change we have experienced will correct itself and return to what we considered normal or business as usual. Change is just that: change - the act of becoming different. Rather than waiting hopelessly for normal, or whatever you were used to, to come back, a wiser strategy would be to use seize change to grow and to move your small business forward. As the saying goes, the only constant in life is change. You can either deal with change, using [...]

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NOW Could Be a Good Time to Grow Your Business

'Designing Strategies' Newsletter                              May – June 2013                                                  Volume 10 – Issue 53   Are you tired of the economy moving forward at a snail’s pace? I certainly am. Waiting around for things to get back to where they were in 2007 is, quite frankly, a huge waste of time and energy. If you've been doing the same thing you did before, waiting for the economy to get back to where it was, you've probably realized that it's been time wasted. The truth is that those days are gone and will likely never be back. It's time that we just stop waiting for what was and get to working in the new normal world. This might just be the optimal time to grow your business. 'New’ [...]

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8 Ways to Focus on Success in the New Year

'Designing Strategies' Newsletter January - February, 2013                       Volume 10 - Issue 51   Many small business owners continue pushing their rock uphill as the economy continues to be a very sluggish. In some regions, things are improving, in others they continue to drag. Lots of blips are on the radar screen as economic indicators are up one month and down another. It appears that the only one spending money is the government. Consumers continue to  hunker down and hold on to their money. Even the recent holiday shopping season was quite lackluster, a huge disappointment for retailers.  What to do?  It's past time to start to focus on success for the coming year, so get to [...]

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Planning a Solid Growth Strategy

Snagging a huge new project is not a solid growth strategy.  In fact, it's not growth strategy at all.  A few years ago, there was a television commercial showing a business woman rushing back to her office, presentation portfolio in hand. In a voice bordering on elation, she announced their firm had been awarded 'The Contract.'  Obviously, it was a sizable project, because as she dropped into her chair, she announced: "We're going to need more phones." Certainly we all covet those big clients with bigger, more profitable projects.  What company doesn't dream of this scenario to serve as a stepping stone to growing their firm?  Very few would pass up these  opportunities.  Unfortunately, this is probably one of the least stable ways to successfully grow your [...]

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Leverage Your Human Resources to Achieve Optimal Success

'Designing Strategies' eNewsletter May - June 2010                                   Volume 7 - Issue 33   How are you feeling about the performance of your employees?  What have you done to assure that employees have the support needed to do their jobs optimally?    If you spend too much time in hand-holding mode, constantly forced to intervene with employees who can't seem to get or stay on track, that's not a good thing.  If running around, putting out fires is a normal day for you, it's time to make some changes. Good, or excellent, employees doing assigned tasks, and beyond, in a professional and timely manner is what you want to see.  Less [...]

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New Growth and Marketing Strategies to Fight the Recession

'Designing Strategies' Newsletter  January-February 2010                  Volume 7    Issue 31   Undoubtedly we have come through the worst recession most of us have ever experienced.  Companies large and small folded entirely, others merged to stay afloat. Some have been treading water for a very long time. It remains to be seen how far into 2010 these turbulent times will take us. News reports talk about the recession being behind us. Yet other reports talk of a jobless recovery, one of the big unknowns, as unemployment rates hover between 10-11%. Consumer confidence is not moving up yet. How can you not only keep your organization afloat, but increase sales and growth?  “Crazy,”  you say? Many large companies we know today began in [...]

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