Useful Articles for Small Businesses

For nearly fifteen years I have worked with small business owners and managers, helping them to identify and destroy hurdles blocking their way to growth and success.  Time was also spent developing and delivering seminars and continuing education programs on the ins and outs of small business management and marketing to small business owners at a variety of national conferences and sales meetings across the US and Canada.

Below are free business articles based on the topics with a high level interest to the various clients and groups.  You may find some of these topics useful for your own small business.  Hopefully they will bring value to your strategy development and business growth.


Planning for  Success

Strategic Planning:  An Important Ongoing Process.

Strategic Planning or Tactical Mediocrity?

Think Strategically – All Day, Every Day.

The Importance of Environmental Scanning and Scenario Planning.

The Value of a Business Continuity Plan.



Strong Brands Can Do Big Things for  a Small Business.

Expose the Human Side of Your Company.

Put Your Best Foot Forward.


Dealing With Customers

Are You Chasing Customers Away?

Develop a Community of Loyal Customers.

How Loyal Are Your Customers?

The Cost of Disgruntled Customers.


Generational Diversity

Staffing is a Mixed Bag of Generations.

Adapting to a Changing Workforce.

Changing Generations in the Workforce.