Looking for Leaders


Silhouette of peopleWhere have all your leaders gone? Are they really gone, or have you just totally overlooked them in your search for someone from outside with an MBA, designer suit and slick haircut? Many times leaders are hiding in plain sight within your organization and you simply didn’t notice them. Some may have been with your company for years, dedicated employees learning the ins and outs of the business. They are the ones that keep things operating smoothly and handling issues from other employees that you never even hear about.

These hidden leaders bring seemingly insignificant issues to the surface where they can be dealt with, or make suggestions to improve processes, productivity or your bottom line. From their unique points of view they can clearly identify ways to save the company money or make processes and systems more effective. Other employees bring issues and ideas to these unsung leaders because they respect them, knowing they will find a way to deliver the message and make things happen. Do you have any potential leaders hiding in plain sight?

Even the smallest companies need good leaders if they plan to grow and be successful. It is amazing how many small companies stay small and fail to grow in size and profitability because the owner/founder fails to realize that he or she is the bottle neck hindering their growth and success.  Until that death grip is released and leadership is shared, growth will be impossible.

At some point, one person trying to control every facet of a business will bring even a thriving organization to a screeching halt.  Dreams and goals of becoming a larger firm with multiple locations, exceeding tens or hundreds of millions in revenue, and having a global presence are not possible if an owner cannot let go and share leadership responsibilities.  Far too much time is spent working in the business, instead of working on the business to achieve its vision. It takes a team to make visions into reality; a team made up of worker bees, managers and leaders. No one of those parts can be successful without the others.


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