Harness the Power of YouThere is a new series of Planter peanut commercials on the air entitled Harness the Power of the Peanut.  An updated Mr. Peanut, complete with a new background voice over artist, plays the starring role in each commercial.  I caught one this evening on TV showing Mr. Peanut as a motivational speaker.  That tiny little peanut-sized character stands in front of an audience of convention attendees.   In a style a la Tony Robbins and other big name motivational speakers, he touts the values of the peanut  – protein and nutrients.  The audience, eyes glazed over in rapt attention, nod their heads in agreement and applaud his words of wisdom.

 Behind the little guy, his image appears on two mega-tron screens to either side of his presentation messages.  He appears much larger than he is in reality – hundreds or thousands of times larger.    But, his message is valid.  He is delivering Planter’s message of value to a captive, targeted audience:  peanuts are good for you!  They contain protein and nutrients, healthy alternatives to less healthy snacks.

Just like those mega-tron screens make Mr. Peanut appear larger than life, the Internet and social media have afforded the same power to small businesses.  You and your firm can appear much larger than you are and participate on a more level playing field with  larger companies.  Gain the attention of customers you never reached before.  Deliver messages of your value to hundreds, thousands or millions of people through a solid marketing strategy.

The key is developing and presenting your own value-focused marketing campaign.  Take a strategic approach to your marketing efforts to assure you reach the best audiences for your products and services.  Who will benefit from what you have to offer?  What about your products and services will appeal to them?  When and where can you best deliver your messages to those potential customers?  Harness the Power of YOU!

We’d love to hear what steps you have taken to harness the power of you and your company – please share below in the ‘Comments’ section…