Maurer Consulting Group  is a business management consulting firm dedicated to helping small and mid-sized business clients identify challenges getting in their way and creating strategic solutions to clear a path to their success.   If you find yourself spending too much time working in your business to have time for working on your business, we can help.  Our focused strategic approach will set your sights on the future  of your business and provide clear direction for growth and  moving forward toward success.

Whether you need assistance with business planning, strategic planning, market or social media planning  to strategically guide your firm to higher levels of productivity and profitability, Maurer Consulting Group can help.  Three decades in the interior design and furnishings arena, practicing in a variety of business models, provided the tools, knowledge and insights to address  challenges of the design and furnishings industries and others.  Business basics for success of small businesses are very similar, regardless of your industry.  The key is taking a strategic approach to analyze and stablize your firm; then put it on track to achieve your vision.

MCG becomes a key member of your team, helping you through that obstacle course we know as everyday business.  Let us bring a fresh, objective,  strategic perspective to your challenges.  Let’s  redirect your organization’s strategic focus toward the future and design a road map to the success that awaits you there.

Running a business  does not have to be daunting or overwhelming.  Our focused strategic approach will help you stop spending all of your time putting out fires.  If this kind of constant fire drill sounds like a typical day for you, let us help reduce your fiery mountain to a manageable molehill.  We can help bring it all  under control.

Ready to start breaking down barriers?  We can help.  Call us — 330.666.0802, or send an email.


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Anita Wiech ASID -"I've had the pleasure of attending one of Terri's presentations, and she lived up to the expectations. She was engaging and energetic and provided very interesting, thought-provoking information specific to the industry. Terri is very knowledgable of the subject matter and conveyed it in a professional classy way."

Michele McCrary -"Terri is a walking encyclopedia of valuable business insights, gathered all over decades of following industry megatrends while at ASID and in managing her own interior design practice.
I found her advice to be extremely timely, empowering, refreshing and astute;an essential voice of inspiration."

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