Maurer Consulting Group  is a business consulting firm that works with small business owners and leaders to put their company on track, focusing on each firm’s unique definition of success.  We help clients identify challenges and barriers that get in their way and block progress.  Once identified, we develop strategic solutions that replace the barriers with bridges.  These bridges are based on focus and direction that will clear a path to the firm’s growth and success.

If you find yourself spending too much time working in your business to have time for working on your business, we can help.  Our focused strategic approach will concentrate your attention on the future of your business.

Our strategic solutions provide clear direction for growth and moving toward success.

How Can A Management Consulting Firm Help Your Small Business?

Anything successful starts and ends with a plan.   Our small business consulting firm can help develop plans for your success. Our customized business plans, strategic plans, succession plans, marketing or social media plans  will guide your firm to higher levels of productivity and profitability.  Terri Maurer, FASID represents over three decades in the interior design and furnishings arena, practicing in a variety of successful business models.

More than 30 years of experience provides the tools, knowledge and insights to address challenges of the design and furnishings industries. Business basics surrounding planning for the success of small businesses are the same, regardless of your industry.  Working with those outside the design/build industry is certainly not a stretch.

The key is taking a strategic approach to analyze and stabilize your firm; then put it on track to achieve your vision. MCG becomes a key member of your team, helping you through that obstacle course we know as everyday business.  A small business consulting firm can make the difference between a small business’s success and failure. Let us bring a fresh, objective,  strategic perspective to your challenges.

It’s time to redirect your organization’s strategic focus toward growth and success.  Let us help design a focused strategic pathway for you to follow.  Running a business  does not have to be daunting. Our analytical, focused, strategic approach will help you stop spending so much time putting out fires.  If this kind of constant fire drill sounds like a typical day for you, let us help reduce your fiery mountain to a manageable molehill.  We can help bring it all  under control.

Ready to start breaking down barriers?  Maurer Consulting can help.  Call us today at: 330.666.0802, or send an email to directly to Terri.