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Below are links to archived copies of Maurer Consulting Group’s newsletter, Designing Strategies.  Yes, every copy from 2004 to present.  Brief descriptions of topics covered are provided to help you find the issues that best match your needs.   Just click on one to pull up the issue — read it online or download the .pdf format to your computer.

2016 Newsletter Resources Date
7 Must-Haves for Sustainable Small Business Growth January-February 2016
Millennials – They’re He….re! March-April 2016
Strategic Planning According to Dilbert May-June 2016
5 Important Stages of Small Business Growth July-August 2016
Get What You Want With a Small Business Bucket List September-October 2016
Mega Trends for 2017 November-December 2016
2015 Newsletter Resources Date
How Well is Your Website Working? January-February 2015
Work Place Can Attract Top Talent March-April 2015
Best Practices for Small Business Success May-June 2015
Selling Stuff or Providing Valuable Solutions July-August 2015
Today’s Customers Are Not Your Father’s Customers September-October 2015
Holiday Season Marketing Strategies November-December 2015
2014 Newsletter Resources Date
Customer Experiences: Are Yours WOW! or Just OK? January-February 2014
Exceptional Customer Experiences Pay Off in a Major Way March-April 2014
Sales and Marketing Lessons Learned at the Car Wash May-June 2014
How How Small Businesses Can Increase Sales and Revenue July-August 2014
Ten Years of Technological Advances September-October 2014
Coming Soon! November-December 2014
2013 Newsletter Resources Date
Declaring 2013 The Year of Focus January-February 2013
The Value of a Business Continuity Plan March-April 2013
Is NOW the Time to Grow Your Company? May-June 2013
How Influential Are Your Customers? July-August 2013
Improve Your Business Processes and Systems September-October 2013
Setting Your Sights on 2014 November-December 2013
2012 Newsletter Resources Date
Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda – Dealing with Unexpected Challenges January-February 2012
Interview with Rhonda Burgin, VP of Burgin Construction March-April 2012
Top Trends for Small Businesses May-June 2012
The Cost of Disgruntled Customers July-August 2012
Interview with Jeff Baldasarri; President of The Taylor Companies September-October 2012
Pricing Strategies for Service Businesses November-December 2012
2011 Newsletter Resources Date
Mission statements: short, sweet and to the point  January-February 2011
Protecting your on-line brand and reputation March-April 2011
Developing a social media strategy May-June 2011
Interview w/ Edward Miano, President of Variér Furniture July-August 2011
The Cost of Dissatisfied Customers September-October 2011
Making and Dealing With Change in Your Business November-December 2011
2010 Newsletter Resources Date
Market your way through a turbulent economy  January-February 2010
Dealing with Adversity March-April 2010
Evaulating and Optimizing Employee Performance May-June 2010
Social Media — Plan Ahead July-August 2010
The Hiring Process is Getting More Complex September-October 2010
Learn Your Business From the Trenches November-December 2010
2009 Newsletter Resources Date
Capitalize on Your Existing Customer Base  January-February 2009
Dealing with the New ‘Normal’ March-April 2009
Are You Driving Customers Away? May-June 2009
Building Community with Your Customers July-August 2009
The Importance of Strategic Thinking to Your Success September-October 2009
Build community within your firm November-December 2009
2008 Newsletter Resources Date
Strategize for Stability in a Shaky Economy  January-February 2008
Where Have All the Leaders gone? March-April 2008
How Green is Green? May-June 2008
Staying in Touch with Your Customers July-August 2008
Customer Buying Habits in a Turbulent Economy September-October 2008
Staying Afloat During a Major Recession November-December 2008
2007 Newsletter Resources Date
Thoughts as You Enter 2007  January-February 2007
Peaceful Co-existence of Generations in the Workplace Generational Career Goals March-April 2007
How Can Baby Boomer Retirement Affect your Business? May-June 2007
Innovation July-August 2007
Enhance Your Product Line September-October 2007
Diversity in the Workplace November-December 2007
2006 Newsletter Resources Date
The Key Component of Business Success: Customers or Employees?  January-February 2006
Characteristics of Failed Businesses Is 2006 the Year of the Consumer? March-April 2006
Manage the Baby Boomer Retirement Stampede May-June 2006
Working With Blinders On. July-August 2006
How will expanding global market affect your organization? September-October 2006
Is Your Customer Base Eroding, and Your Market Share Declining? November-December 2006
2005 Newsletter Resources Date
Designing Strategies – Strategic Planning or Tactical Mediocrity?  January-February 2005
Designing Strategies – Planning for the Looming HR Shortage March-April 2005
Designing Strategies  – Generations in the Work Force May-June 2005
Strategic Planning: An On-going Process, Not an Annual Event July-August 2005
How Prepared Are You to Face a Workflow Interruption? September-October 2005
Does Your Planning Include Environmental Scanning and Future Scenarios? November-December 2005
2004 Newsletter Resources Date
Technology More to Blame Than Outsourcing for loss of US jobs November-December 2004
Who needs a strategic plan? Biggest Mistakes and Most Important Qualities of senior managers September-October 2004