Analyze Problems - Create Solutions

Terri L Maurer, FASID is a business management and marketing consultant.  Maurer Consulting Group approaches small business challenges with a strategic focus.   Our aim is to help small  business clients plan for, and implement, their unique vision of success.

We want to put the POWER behind your business back in your hands.  Our approach involves a logical path of investigation, discovery, analysis, and development.  This in depth approach results in a clear, focused directional road map toward success.

Everything that ends in Success begins with a Plan.

Take back your POWER today!  Let Maurer Consulting Group work with you to develop a plan with focus and direction toward your success.  Call for an appointment to talk about barriers in your way:  330.666.0802.   Or, send Terri an email to set a convenient time to talk about how we might help put you back on the road toward success.

 Strategic Planning Services

  • Review of your firm’s past, present and future situations
  • Identify and develop your unique vision and mission
  • Evaluate internal factors — things under your control
  • Environmental Scan of outside influences — things you can’t control but affect your business
  • Strategic Planning – identify vision, mission and company culture, then set goals and objectives
  • Work Planning – develop strategies and tactics to achieve goals
  • Track your progress – develop a process and time frame for scheduled evaluation of plan

Marketing Services

  • Web site planning and analysis
  • Social Media Plans
  • Market Identity & Segmentation
  • Personal and Small Business Brand Development
  • Marketing Plan development

Additional  Services

  • Future Visioning and Scenario Planning
  • Business Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building and Training
  • Seminars and workshops on key business topics
  • Keynote presentations on Generational Diversity, Target Marketing



Shirley Matz – President, Matz Accounting Group
Maurer Consulting Group is a small business consulting company and is owned by Terri Maurer. I have “known Terri for 10+ years. Her company has integrity and excels at thinking out-of-the-box. They truly care about building relationships with clients and peers as well as helping them. Maurer Consulting Group truly knows their stuff and I would highly recommend them.” 


Charisse Marie Colbert
“Terri is an expert in the field of consultation to the interior design industry. Recently, I had the benefit of using her services to assist me with my interior design business. She was quick to ascertain my needs and offered succinct advice. She is eager to help and is quite forthcoming with the insight and expertise she has gained over the years of practice and consultation in the interior design field. She is a tremendous benefit to the interior design industry.


Brock Butler
“Terri has a passion for helping the Interior Design Industry. She is a strategic thinker who offers new ideas and education to improve the companies that service this industry. She is trust-worthy. I highly recommend her. Brock Butler, CEO MoreDemand LLC” 


Judy Near
“I contacted Terri for advice in marketing my Interior Design and Professional Organizing business on a very limited budget. Terri was just fabulous. She came back to me within 24 hours with helpful information that was very comprehensive, practical, easy to understand and quite useful. She provided websites, pdf files, and several other online resources. She and I were able to communicate efficiently via email which made our interaction quick and easy. I plan to put her suggestions to use immediately!”