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Small Business Website Basics – Part 4

This is the fourth, and last (at least for now) part of our series of posts on Small Business Website Basics.  When I began working on this topic, I had no idea just how much information there was to consider when beginning work on a website to represent your small business to the world.  'An' article grew into two articles, then three, now a fourth.  If you missed any of the previous articles, you can link to them below: Small Business Website Basics - Part 1:  A Small Business Website is Not an Option Small Business Website Basics - Part 2:  What does a Small Business Website Cost? Small Business Website Basics - Part 3:  What to Include on a Small Business Website Disclaimer:  I [...]

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Strategic Planning According to Dilbert – Dilbert Asks: “Why Bother?”

'Designing Strategies' Newsletter May - June, 2016                      Volume 13 - Issue 71 One of my favorite comic strips is 'Dilbert' by Scott Adams. Day to day, Dilbert represents corporate America in a way that has never been done before in a syndicated comic strip. My take on the strip is Dilbert represents Generation X, dealing with management in a corporate world run by Baby Boomers.  He has all kinds of opinions, most of which are ignored by his supervisors.  Of course he would have an opinion on strategic planning and how effective it is - or isn't. He is frustrated on a daily basis by his superior, Pointy-haired Boss, and coworkers. Dilbert is often drawn [...]

Small Business Website Basics: Part III

Tiramisu Studio / www.freedigitalphotos.net Welcome to Part III of our ‘Designing Strategies’ Small Business Website Basics series.  This four-part series covers these important topics as they relate to a small business website: Part I:   10 Reasons a Small Business Website Is a Necessity, Not an Option Part II:   What Will a Small Business Website Cost Me? Moving on to Part III of our series, we'll talk about what a small business owner should consider when it comes time to develop the content for your site – which would be NOW if you don’t have one yet. What To Include On a Small Business Website Every small business website needs to be customized to include information specific to your firm.   Your company needs be different enough [...]

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Small Business Website Basics:  Part II

What Does a Small Business Website Cost? Krom Kratthog / www.freedigitalphotos.net  In our Small Business Website Basics series, Part I post, our discussion covered small business websites being necessary, not optional, to the success of a small business and ten reasons why it is true. It was pretty alarming to learn that 46% of small businesses in the United States do not have a website for their business.   It never ceases to amaze me how many small businesses still do not understand the need for a web site to represent their company online.  Let customers know you are out there.  Tell them why they need you. Most Common Excuses for Not Having a Small Business Website “I’m on social media, so I don't really [...]

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Small Business Website Basics: Part I

A Small Business Website Is Not an Option Can you believe that 46% of small businesses in the United States still do not have a website? It’s 2016. The world revolves around the Internet. Yet, nearly half of the small businesses have yet to launch a website.  Crazy, isn't it? Entrepreneur.com posted an article quoting statistics from a report prepared by Business-to-Business research firm, Clutch.  A small business website is a necessity, not an option. Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net A small business website is the main hub piece of any marketing plan.  A website is critical for the success of any small business.  So many other elements in the realm of public relations and marketing your business rely on this hub.   Please say you aren't [...]

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Millennials – Quit Thinking About Them Coming – They’re he-re!

'Designing Strategies' Newsletter March - April 2016 Issue                       Volume 13 - Issue 70   Talk has been going on for the past ten years that 'soon' Millennials would become a major force in the marketplace and the workplace. In case you haven't notices, they're here. They are here in massive numbers – large and in charge. If you have not seriously worked on your marketing strategy for reaching them, you are way behind. They are here and in force. The leading edge of 76 million of them are now thirty-somethings with the ability to seriously flex their economic muscle on any industry. Millennials need your attention - now.  It doesn't matter if you are a [...]

Affordable Internet Security Tips

Internet Security Is Important for Small Businesses Starting a small business and becoming successful is a dream many of us share. But the journey is often long and hard, wrought with traps and dangers for the unprepared. As technology becomes an increasingly important part of every business, so too does the use of appropriate security to safeguard that technology.  Internet security is important for small businesses, not just Fortune 500 giants. What has made a big splash is the integration of the internet into nearly every aspect of business. Even a company selling cupcakes needs to have an online presence to survive. That melding of the real world with the online world presents security challenges that can prove very costly—for the uninitiated. Even online professionals [...]

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How Selling Affects Consumer Lives

No matter what small business sector you operate in, you must be involved in selling or you will go out of business at a record rate of speed. You may not think of yourself as a sales professional, but you need to be if you want your business to succeed. Selling and sales are overlooked topics in most university programs. Somehow we are all expected to figure it all out on our own once we graduate and enter the business world. Unfortunately, it won't happen that way.  Small business selling is one of those skills gained through self-education, company training and experience.  Selling affects consumer lives. freedigitalphotos.net - nenetus   In their book, Rainmaking Conversations: Influence, Persuade and Sell in Any Situation, Mike Schultz [...]

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About Strategy and Strategic Planning

Most successful small businesses owe their growth and success in large part to use of strategy and strategic planning.  This is accomplished through a combination of strategic thinking, planning and management.  Adopting a strategic approach to business operations clearly defines the direction a firm needs to take to achieve leadership's vision of success. So, exactly what is this concept called Strategic Planning?  It is an organized system that begins with envisioning the firm as it will be when it is all grown up. That Vision of your company in its long-term ideal state is further defined in terms of its Mission.  In a few sentences, a mission statement clearly addresses every facet of your business:  the products and services you offer, pricing, quality, service, marketplace position, growth [...]

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Sustainable Small Business Growth in 2016 – 7 ‘Must-Haves’

'Designing Strategies' Newsletter January - February, 2016                      Volume 13 -- Issue 69 In order for your small business to be wildly… or mildly… successful, it is important to grow the company. A company that grows at a steady pace increases its chance of success. For some small businesses, growth will be successful. For other small businesses, their growth plan may be a complete failure. You might ask: “Why shouldn’t all companies on a growth path be successful?” That does seem logical, doesn’t it? However, without well developed planning and attention to details, you cannot assume that your, or any other company, can achieve sustainable small business growth. It seems that if a company is growing [...]

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