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Trend Hunter’s Megatrends for 2017

'Designing Strategies' Newsletter November – December 2016                      Volume 13 – Issue 74   2016 is coming to its end and 2017 is emerging on the horizon just behind. Out with the old, in with whatever will be new. Baby New Year is trying on his sash for final alterations as Father Time shuffles to his finish line. I started off the day with an exclamation of “Egads, it’s almost December!” Thanksgiving is already behind us and a plethora of year end events and holidays are ahead. On the business side, we rush to get year-end expense reports turned in, collect – or delay – outstanding accounts receivables, put on holiday and year-end sales and get our financial books in order. In what [...]

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High Quality Employees: Trends in Hiring Policies and Practices

'Designing Strategies' eNewsletter September - October  2010                       Volume 7  -  Issue 35   Remember not long ago when job candidates were in control and employers were on the more challenging side of the equation?  Candidates could play a number of potential employers against each other, trying to get the best deal. That was the norm then, but not so much now.  The pendulum seems to have swung back to favoring those doing the hiring.  Things have really changed in a short period of time, haven't they?  One thing that has not changed is the need to hire high quality employees to support your company's goals and objectives. An article in our local newspaper told about a retailer [...]

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Become a Green Company – The Sooner the Better

'Designing Strategies' eNewsletter May -- June 2008              Volume 5 -- Issue 22 Exactly how green is GREEN?  Regardless of your views of Al Gore and his global warming crusade, he is managing to bring a topic that long bubbled in the background to a full boil. It's impossible to pick up a magazine or newspaper, turn on a TV or radio, or log onto the Internet without being confronted about global warming, sustainability, green design, green products or green companies.  Have you thought about how your organization can become a green company? Before the recent flood of information, there were a few companies within the design and furnishings industries making major progress on the sustainability front. Then, seemingly overnight, virtually every [...]

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Environmental Scanning and Scenario Planning For a More Secure Future

'Designing Strategies' newsletter November - December 2005               Volume 2 - Issue 8 As everyone prepares for, or finalizes their planning for the coming year, I hope your process involves environmental scanning and future scenarios.  These two important tools provide a basis for a solid foundation for your strategic plan. Without those elements, most plans remain just more of the same. There is little opportunity for your firm to expand and grow in new and exciting directions. Without knowing what is happening in the world around you, how can your company grow and expand?  An awareness of coming changes allows you to move forward more confidently.  Take a look at changes in society, politics, the economy, technology, and the environment. How will changes or advances in [...]

Jobs: Where Will They Be In the Next Ten Years – Outside Influences Will Tell

'Designing Strategies' newsletter March - April 2005               Volume 2 - Issue 4  Where are the jobs and economic growth going to be over the next ten years?  The Hudson Institute identified these as the 'hot' fields:  medical & healthcare related industries, information technology, security, and environmental sciences. When we step back and think about it, these are very clear and logical responses to outside influences impacting our lives and businesses.  It is these influences that determine where all the jobs will be over the next ten years. Medical and health care related industries are growing as our population ages and moves toward retirement. Information technology continues to be a growth industry. Since the 9/11 tragedies, train bombings in Spain and continued threats of terrorism, homeland and personal security are on the minds of everyone. Likewise, the growing concern [...]

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