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Top Social Media Trends for 2018

Designing Strategies  eNewsletter Volume 15                          Issue 81 Social Media Trends Changed Many Times Over 20 Years Social media trends are constantly changing.  It is hard to believe, but back in 1997, social media was born.   Twenty years ago.  Two decades of digital socialization.   Can you even remember not having a social media presence?  In its earliest versions, it was meant to provide platforms for people to connect and 'be social'.  Today, a lot has changed through innovation and changes in technology.   Vast numbers of changes have occurred.  There are now several thousand social media platforms, new audiences, and billions of users around the globe. Who would have thought social media trends could develop so [...]

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How to Get Greater Impact From LinkedIn for Your Small Business

Small businesses that operate in the B2B (business to business) arena should rely on LinkedIn more than other social media platforms.  Yes, there are other platforms on which you can promote your company, but none are as good as LinkedIn for businesses.   LinkedIn is by far the most business focused social media platform on the Internet today.  With its vast reach and professional focus, every small business should try to get greater impact from LinkedIn, don't you think? A DMR report on LinkedIn from October, 2016, indicated that LinkedIn has 467 million users worldwide.  That's over 100 million more people than the population of the United States.  LinkedIn users span more than 200 countries around the world.  For more information, you can order the entire [...]

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Holiday Season Marketing Strategies to Increase Year End Revenues

'Designing Strategies' Newsletter November - December, 2015                      Volume 12 -- Issue 68 It goes without saying that it is time to wish all of you the very happiest of holidays for 2015. We're entering the period of year-end holidays where families, friends and colleagues gather together in celebration. Our hearts are a little lighter - and more inclusive. Everyone is a little bit happier. We are a little more generous than the rest of the year, and treat each other better. Feasts are prepared, treasured family recipes are pulled out, decorations are hung and gift shopping marathons begin. It is the time of year to remember those who are not able to do all of those [...]

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Twitter Guidelines: 4 Things You Should NEVER Do

Twitter is one of the top social media platforms on the Internet today.  They have around 640 million existing accounts with about 72 million active participants.  People join Twitter for any number of reasons.  "Everybody else is doing it."  Don't try that one on your mother.  Uber-geeks might join because: "I like to build relationships using 140 or less characters."  Others, with more of a stalker-like mind set may just join so they can 'Follow' people.  A lot of us business types join to use Twitter as one of our on-line marketing channels, where we can focus on targeted audiences who might be interested in our products or services.  Each social media platform has it's own rules and guidelines, norms and behavioral expectations.  Below are several [...]

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Leverage Your LinkedIn Presence: 6 Quick, Easy Tips

LinkedIn is the most well known and used professional social media platform on the Internet today.  With more than 175 million  members, they claim that works out to just about 2 new members per second.  It has become the 'go to' site for anyone wishing to promote their business, look for new customers, look for a job or  for qualified employees.  Your LinkedIn presence can play an important role in your social media marketing plan. LinkedIn members span the globe, so building an international network of business contacts is ridiculously simple.  With both paid and free membership levels, it is short sighted to not take full advantage of it's many features to leverage the time and effort you spend there.  Below are six easy, actionable tips about how [...]

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5 Important Small Business Trends for 2012

'Designing Strategies' Newsletter May – June 2012                                         Volume 9 -- Issue 47 Important Small Business Trends for 2012 None of the financial, economic or trend forecasting experts seem able to clearly predict small business trends for 2012. Could it be that 2012 is destined to be pretty much like 2011? We all know how unpredictable last year was for business owners trying to plan for 2012 and beyond. 2011 was a year of ups and downs, advances and reversals, peaks and valleys, general uncertainty, instability and confusion. With so much confusion and vagueness tied to economic issues around the globe, let's take a look at [...]

Find Your Ideal Customers

.You have probably discovered by now that taking the old school shot-gun approach to marketing is a huge waste of your resources.  To make the best investment of time and resources in both traditional and social media marketing -- including your blog -- you need to find your ideal customers.  Just compiling names and e-mail addresses really doesn't tell you much.  For your content to be of value to your customers, you need to know who they are, what demographics they fit into and what characteristics and traits they share with others.  From this data, you can develop your customer personas -- clear targets at which to aim your marketing efforts. Knowing only the most basic information like how many males vs. females are following you and reading [...]

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Social Media Marketing: Interview with Industry Leader Rhonda Burgin

'Designing Strategies' Newsletter March – April 2012                                            Volume 9 -- Issue 46 Rhonda Burgin on Social Media Marketing Being the first in your industry off the starting block can provide great strategic advantage. Burgin Construction was that firm in the construction industry when it came to social media marketing.  Three years ago, when no one else in their industry seemed to have picked up on social media marketing, Rhonda Burgin, Vice President of Burgin Construction, located in Orange County, California decided to be the early adopters with social media marketing.  She took Burgin Construction, the company she and her husband, Brad started in 1989, into on-line [...]

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Social Media Marketing Opportunity for Small Businesses

'Designing Strategies' Newsletter May - June 2011                      Volume 8 - Issue 40 Unless you were on the space shuttle or vacationing on a deserted island recently, you can't have missed the big news this week. LinkedIn.com, the most popular professional social media platform went public. They were the hottest buzz from the technology sector on Wall Street. With more than 100 million users, LinkedIn is more than ready for prime time. Yes, 100,000,000 users, which is a somewhat modest number when compared to other social media giants like Facebook and Twitter.  Just think about the huge social media marketing opportunity available for your small business. Millions, no, make that billions, of people are now online, [...]

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Social Media: What’s Your Twitter Philosophy?

I found this question about Twitter philosophy on the direct marketing blog of one of my best Twitter friends, @loisgeller. The question was at the very end of one of her recent posts and resonated with me immediately. Anyone who follows me on social media, or who reads my newsletter or blog, knows I strongly believe that anything of any importance begins with a plan. Business plan, strategic plan, marketing plan, social media plan, going to the mall or planting a garden. Nothing provides the focus and direction needed for success like a plan. Any good plan includes your overall philosophy or vision. That vision - and your company mission - are the basis of every decision and strategy you implement.  You've got to know where you [...]

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