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Show Employees You Care and Value Them: 20 Ways to Get Started

Now that the economy has picked back up in most areas of the US, finding, recruiting and retaining high quality employees is more important than ever. Once your small business acquires and trains high quality staff, they need to keep them. If you don't know how to show employees you care and value them within your company, you can expect them to look elsewhere for positive recognition of their contributions. According to research by OfficeVibe.com, 51% of of workers are looking to leave their current positions.  80% of employees would work more hours if their employers were more empathetic.  60% of employees would like to have their work praised more often.  Any of these statistics could result in empty work spaces at your company on [...]

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Employee Recognition Programs Help Recruit and Retain Great Staff

It seems there is never neutral ground when it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent to move companies forward.  On the employee side of the conversation, we hear that there are no good jobs available.  Or, they say that what jobs are available offer pay and benefit packages that are unimpressive.  Attracting and keeping top talent takes time and planning on how you can find, engage, recruit then motivate good employees.   Part of motivation should include an employee recognition program. On the other side, employers complain that there just aren’t enough good workers out there to fill vacancies they advertise.  Who is right?  I’d venture a guess that both sides have valid points.  With that in mind, let’s say that good jobs are available [...]

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Grow Your Small Business By Adding and Empowering Employees

'Designing Strategies' eNewsletter Volume 14                     Issue 75   If a typical day at your small business involves staff waiting for you to come into the office so they can get your approval of progress on a project, it's not a good thing. If employees are standing in line to get access to you to answer questions, that's not good either. Odds are your firm is in Stagnant Stalemate mode. Your firm is not growing. It is not expanding. Staff can't accomplish anything because you have a death grip on control over every little minute detail of operations. Give it up! You have become the bottleneck blocking our firm’s progress. It's time to give up some [...]

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An Exceptional Work Place Can Attract Top Talent For Your Small Business

'Designing Strategies' Newsletter March - April 2015                Volume 12 -- Issue 64 What makes for an exceptional work place? The workplace environment you offer is often a major differentiator in getting and keeping talented staff.   Does your company offer an exceptional work place for staff and new job candidates? Perhaps you are in charge of designing workplaces for customers or maybe you are the person making decisions about the environment you will provide for your team. Either way, you have a significant burden on your shoulders. Aon Hewitt, a global insurance broker and employee benefits consultancy, released their 'Inside the Employee Mindset' study for 2015. . The study explores employee perspectives and attitudes about their personal employment experiences. [...]

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Small Business Systems and Processes: Improve Yours Now

'Designing Strategies' Newsletter September – October 2013                                                Volume 10 – Issue 55 I’m not a huge fan of what is marketed today as 'reality' television.  That said, there is a lot to be learned from some of the business‐themed reality shows on cable television channels.  Over the years, as this genre of entertainment has grown in popularity, we've learned there is not a lot of reality involved in most of these shows. Like all entertainment venues, drama, surprise, emotion, scripting and editing are all pulled together to produce a product that will attract viewers and paid advertisers. The premise of these shows [...]

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Disgruntled Customers: The Rapidly Rising Cost For Small Businesses

'Designing Strategies' Newsletter July – August 2012                                        Volume 9 – Issue 48 The Rapidly Rising Cost of Disgruntled Customers Sometimes, it is difficult put your arms around actual costs related to losing a customer.  But, the fact remains the impact on your bottom line can be significant. It is common knowledge that holding existing customers is less expensive than courting new ones. There is a good chance dissatisfied customers won’t bother to say goodbye, or tell you why they are unhappy.  Be aware of the cost of disgruntled customers and how it affects your bottom line. Once a customer leaves, you lose control over the situation. [...]

Analyze Your Systems From Right in the Trenches

'Designing Strategies' eNewsletter November-December 2010                     Volume 7 --  Issue 37 Welcome to our new newsletter! Welcome to the new, electronic version of the 'Designing Strategies' newsletter brought to you bi-monthly by Maurer Consulting Group. Our newsletter came to your Inbox as an e-mail attachment for the past five years. We decided it was time for us to get with the times and create a better mousetrap to better serve you, our readers. The publication will continue as a one-page, bi-monthly piece with content on topics ranging from strategic planning to business management and marketing.   I enjoy watching 'Undercover Boss' on television to see just how well members of the C-Suite of well-known organizations do when [...]

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High Quality Employees: Trends in Hiring Policies and Practices

'Designing Strategies' eNewsletter September - October  2010                       Volume 7  -  Issue 35   Remember not long ago when job candidates were in control and employers were on the more challenging side of the equation?  Candidates could play a number of potential employers against each other, trying to get the best deal. That was the norm then, but not so much now.  The pendulum seems to have swung back to favoring those doing the hiring.  Things have really changed in a short period of time, haven't they?  One thing that has not changed is the need to hire high quality employees to support your company's goals and objectives. An article in our local newspaper told about a retailer [...]

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Who Comes First: Employees or Customers?

There is an ongoing difference of opinions on the key component of business success: employees or customers. Some say it's all about the customers. From my viewpoint, it is that 'chicken or the egg' theory: Which came first? I have to give employees the nod. An employee is the first contact a potential customer has with your product or service.  Their first experience with your company may be the receptionist who answers the telephone or greets them as they enter your place of business. It could be a delivery person, or a maintenance person who shovels snow from your front entrance. None of these are high paying, technical jobs, but they are certainly important to your firm's success. Imagine a day without any one of [...]

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Leverage Your Human Resources to Achieve Optimal Success

'Designing Strategies' eNewsletter May - June 2010                                   Volume 7 - Issue 33   How are you feeling about the performance of your employees?  What have you done to assure that employees have the support needed to do their jobs optimally?    If you spend too much time in hand-holding mode, constantly forced to intervene with employees who can't seem to get or stay on track, that's not a good thing.  If running around, putting out fires is a normal day for you, it's time to make some changes. Good, or excellent, employees doing assigned tasks, and beyond, in a professional and timely manner is what you want to see.  Less [...]

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