Terri L MaurerSmall business adviser, Terri L. Maurer, FASID, owner of Ohio-based Maurer Consulting group and Maurer Design Group, has more than 30 years experience as a small business owner. As an interior design business owner, Maurer acquired business experience in a variety of business models: sole proprietorship, small commercial and residential design studios, design partnership, office furniture dealerships, and retail furniture stores.  Her management and marketing skills span several business start-ups, operating a design practice, administration and operations management, as well as recruiting, hiring and managing employees.  You name it, Terri has been there and experienced everything you are going through as a small business owner.

Experienced in nearly every capacity on the design side of the industry, Maurer has design, marketing, sales and management experience from entry level to seasoned employee, project manager, assistant to a design department director, vice president  of administration and operations in a design partnership, and founder and CEO of her own design and consulting firms. Like you, Terri was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug from a very young age.

Years of business experience, coupled with advanced education in business planning and  administration, continuing education programs and volunteer leadership, provide Maurer with extensive knowledge and experience in situational analysis, strategic planning and management, scenario planning and marketing.  Management, mentoring and coaching skills were achieved through the  world renowned Center for Creative Leadership and the Notre Dame Mendozza College of Business.  She holds a broad perspective of the interior design  industry and the broad range of design-related industries and stakeholders.

What a Small Business Adviser Does for You

Maurer Consulting Group helps small business owners bring focus and direction to their business operations using a logical, analytic and strategic process.  Regaining a feeling of control over your business when things seem to be failing or going in circles provides a wonderful feeling of command and leadership.  Using outside experts to address problem areas like business or strategic planning, sales, marketing, customer service or business development  can be a very liberating experience.

A small business adviser can help uncover hidden barriers that hinder your progress, efficiency and productivity.  A small business management consultant will bring back the confidence needed to move forward on a clear, focused path toward growth and success.  We can help you identify your ideal market and customers, then develop a focused marketing plan to reach out and engage them.  These actions can dramatically reduce waste of your resources for marketing and sales. Your small business adviser can help develop internal processes and systems designed to improve your firm’s productivity and efficiency,  making it easier for customers to do business with you. Clients long for a positive customer experience when dealing with any business,  these services will help you provide that exemplary level of customer experience.

How a Small Business Adviser Can Help Your Firm

Unlike other management advising, consulting and coaching firms targeting the  interior design and furnishings industries, Terri Maurer brings more than three decades of experience in many facets of the industry. We understand your business and market – we have been there. We understand your target markets – we have worked with them.  Our years in the interior design and furnishings trenches help us understand business issues confronting you on a daily basis – we have met them head on and dealt with them ourselves.  Let Terri Maurer and  Maurer Consulting put our experiences, knowledge and skills to work resolving the issues causing you needless heartburn and sleepless nights


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Thom Banks – Deputy Executive Director, American Society of Interior Designers
“I had the pleasure of working with Terri to lead the strategic planning process for our 38,000 member professional society. Terri was masterful at keeping our 11 person board focused on the larger strategic issues while helping build consensus and making sure that the perspectives of all participants were heard -not just those who spoke the loudest. One of the things I admire most about Terri is her inherent sense of fair play. When Terri was president of our Society (The American Society of Interior Designers,) I often felt she served as the conscience of the organization making sure that our board considered every decision from the perspective of the grassroots members they were elected to represent. Terri strove to consider issues from the vantage point of every stakeholder, weighing the information and arriving at her conclusion without regard to whether or not it was the popular answer. As president, she was often called upon to stand up and explain the board’s decisions regarding complex and difficult issues to audiences who didn’t always agree. She did so calmly and directly with a personal integrity that made every one respect her even if they didn’t like the decision. Those traits combined with an utter lack of ego make Terri a very impressive leader in my opinion.”