Maurer Consulting Group recently created and published a four-part series of articles on the importance of a small business website.  As THE most important hub of any small business marketing plan, a high quality website is critical to the success of every small firm.  Putting together someone else’s idea of an quick, do-it-yourself website, and calling it a day, simply isn’t the way to go.

Any site does not guarantee a good, strategically focused representation of your company at it’s best.  Using as many small business website features as you possibly can will improve the quality of your website and the messages it sends to customers.

Not every small business website feature that is important and necessary could be addressed.  Topics  in our series included why a small business website is so important, what costs are involved, what content to include, and if a DIY website design approach is wise.  We barely touched the tip of the iceberg, researching information on those four key elements.

There are so many intricacies to design, build and launch a successful small business website.  Even after four articles,  many more important feature elements can be added in subsequent articles.  Response to the series has been encouraging.  No one wants to spend huge amounts of time, effort and funding to achieve a mediocre representation of their firm.

Those Who Read vs Visual Learners

We all know that different people learn and absorb information in different ways.  Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand (or more) words. For those reasons, we wanted to share a visual option for all of the visual learners in our community.

55 More Small Business Website Features

Take a look at 55 Features Every Small Business Website Must Have in the Infographic prepared by My Web Programmer .  You can see just how many important elements there are in creating and launching the hub of your marketing efforts.

features of small business website